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Show 2 - Becoming

This show has a little more detail about my "Becoming", meaning becoming Transgender.  I hope you all like it.  It just gives a little more insight into my developing feminine feelings when I was young that lead me to this point in my life.   You can subscribe in iTunes & find the show here : http://MzLadyFox.Podbean.com - and - http://MzLadyFox.Blogspot.com .  E-Mail me with comments and questions to : MzLadyFox@Gmail.com .  Thank you all for listening.


First Episode

Hello and welcome to Lady Fox's Transition Podcast.  This podcast show is all about my Transition from Male to Female with a unique perspective on Transition Life with a family.  I am Cherokee Native American, Irish and Portuguese.  Please subscribe to my show & join me on my journey so you can Properly understand my Transition, way of thinking and gain an inside perspective on the inside life of Transitioning and it really means to be Transgender / Transsexual.